Thursday, March 19, 2009

House of the Dead: Over-effing-kill!

So Guinness decided to take the time to count the number of time the F-bomb was dropped throughout the game of House of the Dead: Overkill. Just shy of 200 times, HotD: Overkill, makes the player rather fluent to the already universal word.

For anyone interested, the game has your normal game mode and once you play through, the player has a director's cut, enticing the player to play through the game again. On top of that...dual wielding is available to the player after beating director's cut, with addition zombies, equalling hundreds upon hundreds effs.

What this means, is that mothers buying this game for their child, because they think the Wii is such a family friendly console, will be in for a big effing surprise. All kidding aside, this game is pretty effing fun, but after a while, this game even overuses the word, causing people to use the underused mute feature on their TVs.

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