Monday, March 23, 2009

GDC Starts today (GDC)

There are a few key confrences a year in the industry that serve as platforms for big news and announcements. The first of which, begins today! The Game Developers Conference (or GDC for short) is underway at the Moscone Center, in San Francisco. Now, the press release indicates a number of key points that the conference will focus on, from lectures, panels, summits, even an Award Ceremony will occur on Wednesday. But in reality...we want the goods! What has Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony (alphabetically ordered fanboys) been holding back to unleash on us? Will we see a PS3 price drop? Will Nintendo have any new Mario or Zelda to show or annouce? Will Microsoft unveil new features to add to the current NXE?

Time will be our ally in this pursuit of knowledge, and we will be yours. Stay tuned to mashbuttons for all the latest and greatests of news and updates as they come in over the next week.

All GDC-related news will be indicated with a (GDC) designation

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