Monday, March 2, 2009

Why, oh why, does the PC get a Street Fighter 4/MadCats joypad bundle

Answer me this Capcom!!! Being the only fan of fighting games in Fungdark, I have been holding off on raving about Street Fighter 4, mainly because of the flaming to be receive shortly afterwards.

But here it is, almost 2 weeks after Capcom's Street Fighter 4 was released, I have logged a hefty 20 hours into brushing up on skills lost, unlocking characters and fighting people from all over.

My only gripe about the game is trying to perform an ultra combo repeatedly to finish my opponent, but the Xbox controller just won't recognize the move sequence. Shortly before the release of this game MadCatz release a couple fighter friendly entries in the form of a joypad and two joysticks.

Now these releases could not have come at a better time, but the price tag on the joysticks and the lack of bundles were just not incentive enough for me to save my thumbs from cramps and pains. Just a couple weeks too late, Capcom stated they are considering a bundle which includes the PC version of the game along with the MadCatz fighting joypad.

Thanks a lot Capcom, at least it was not a Playstation 3 exclusive.

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