Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Joker playable on PS3 edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum

So the exclusivity minions over at Sony actually showed up to work this week. They've been able to nab an exclusive character for the PS3 upon release. What character do you say? None other than the formidable Joker. That's right, upon release, PS3 owners will be able to download a free playable Joker to play in the challenge maps found in the game. More info will be available in the June Playstation: The official magazine.

Is this a precedent? Should Xbox 360 owners expect an equally exciting exclusive character to play in the challenge maps as well? My sources are mum for the moment, but at the current rate of news coming out almost daily on this game, if there is one, we're sure to learn about it soon.

If not, does this sway you one way or the other if you own both consoles? Leave some comments and let us know the general consensus here.

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