Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brutal Legend gets a fall tour!

It is with equal parts professional courtesy, and girlish excitement that we bring to you the news of the release of one of the rocking-est, most metal of upcoming games (not "highly anticipated"), Brutal Legend. Tim Schafer's latest opus, involving a Eddie Riggs, (voiced and modeled after funnyman Jack Black) the "ultimate roadie" who after a stage accident, awakens "in a world that looks very strange yet oddly familiar, a world where every Heavy Metal album cover and lyric Eddie knows has come to life, and where the evil emperor Doviculus and his demon army, The Tainted Coil, have enslaved the last remaining humans."

Sounds RIGHTEOUS right, brother? (see what i did there, The Righteous Brothers, anyhow)

After signing a death treaty and contract that had to be notarized in 7 states and 3 languages, we are able to tell you that on Rocktober 13th (not a typo), you'll get to play this legendary game! In the meantime, however, feel free to check out the newly revamped official website and if you are of the twitterin' persuasion...you can follow the tinyest of daily minutaue from the Double Fine team.

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