Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Batman Arkham Asylum gameplay footage | Not for real! (Update)

***UPDATE: unfortunately the video is no longer available, we'll try to get it again, and put it up for you all***

The official name of this video is "Batman: Arkham Asylum Intensive Treatment Demo" and while that's a mouthful, I like to simply call it "4 minutes of ass-kicking"

Though it's another video of the Challenge Rooms, (we're still really excited to see some of the single-player campaign gameplay) this gives you a chance to see how the action-brawling aspect of the game will work. In the previous video (seen here) they showed off the stealth skills so it's nice to get a glimpse from those of us who like a rough-'n-tumble smack'em'up. Check it out, June is right around the corner, and the Batman Hype-train is running at full-steam. All Aboard!

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