Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Konami now joining zombie bandwagon

Mark your calendars because we are getting another zombie game! Konami Digital announced Zombie Apocalypse the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation 3 for the summer of 2009.

Zombie Apocalypse brings four players together to fight for their survival against, get this…zombies! Original? Not really, but who needs originality when zombies are entered into the equation? It really does look fun, in a top down Left 4 Dead sort of way.

Zombie genocide comes in the form of 11 weapons to be used to help survive 55 days through 7 different environments. Once the mission is completed, there is a replay value through 7 new unlockable game modes.

Is that a wood chipper in the picture above?!?!? Oh yes, there will be blood.

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