Wednesday, April 15, 2009

XBLA Wednesday | OutRun Online Arcade

So you're at your local Peter Piper Pizza and you hear the familiar call of the 8-player Sega classic, OutRun. You grab a few of your good buddies, all plop in a couple of tokens, and go head-to-head-to-head (you get the idea) in an 8-way race to the death! Well, really everyone lives, the winner just gets a free race and all the tickets to trade in for awesome prizes!

You want to replicate this truly mesmerizing arcade experience at home? Now you can with SEGA's OutRun Online Arcade! With Xbox Live, you can experience multiplayer-gameplay racing 10 Ferraris on 15 challenging courses. Do the math, and that's 150 possible racing combinations and permutations!

Download the game with your points - 800 of them. And check out the screens below

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