Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to make a stand out zombie game? Add more zombies!

Most of us have played at least the demo of Dead Rising, while it was innovative in some aspects, I did have my gripes. However, Capcom revealed last week at Captivate09 the the game was being built on a new engine, built specifically for this game.

With the games new engine, seven thousand zombies can be onscreen at the same time. Sounds like someone is trying to over compensate. The weapon capabilities have also increased, and who can complain about that? As seen in the trailer, you can throw on a moose head and charge through a crowd of zombies or even throw multiple chainsaws on a stick. Epic win! Check the trailer for glimpse of what to expect.

Now for the next addition to the sequel...Multiplayer! It has not been released as to what multiplayer gameplay we will be expecting from the sequel, but we do know you can play multiplayer.

Time to go play the original and hope we get a demo to hold us over until launch.

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