Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Atari listens, provides Race Pro update to race fans

Atari and SimBin has used the comments and feedback provided on their official Race Pro forum, and implemented a number of fixes within a title update to both multiplayer and single player gameplay.

Race Pro is a racing sim that was released in February, and being a die hard Forza 2 fan, looks like this may very well be my next racing title to pick up.

The fixes that the title update address are as listed below for those that currently have or looking to pick up:


-Fixed bug causing the game to crash when 12 players have joined and left a multiplayer game

-Disallow connections to host if they are not waiting for players.

-Fixed the ”fast forward” / speed bug currently generating some unrealistic race times in leaderboards.

-Fixed problem with lap times being reported to the wrong leaderboard when moving on to the next track in multiplayer.

-Fixed problem of a player joining during session activation causing the client to get stuck in the loading screen.

-Fixed issue when creating a session with downloaded car and inviting a player that doesn’t have the car

-Fixed name of tracks on servers list when players do several sessions in a row

-Fixed incorrect race length value seen in game list screen

-Fixed transparent car that appears after un-pausing in multiplayer qualification

-Fixed the incorrect message that appears when attempting to access multiplayer without a gamer profile signed–in and if selecting Multiplayer with an offline gamer profile

-Set default host option of qualification to NO in multiplayer for players that have never hosted a game in Race Pro before

-New messages: Display some session info in-game so players can recognize where in the game they are

-New messages: Add a specific multiplayer loading tip showing 50% of loading time in player match only.


-Fixed performance drop while driving over curb

-Improved deformation of cars

-Fixed hot seat start position problems

-Removed dangerous driving dialogues when entering loading screen

-Fixed crash when the player tries to enter the end pit driving backwards and wants to restart the race after the losing message

-Fixed some localization bugs

-Locked F3000 car #12 and unlocked the Corvette C5R since there is no contract for it in Career mode

-Fixed validation for replay files to allow replay files saved between year 2000 and 2099

-Fixed sound bug making Doppler effect of other cars sound corrupt in swing cam

-Fixed force feedback detection for wheels and slightly improved strength of force

-Adjusted the Seat Leon Extreme Tryout time

-Fixed sound bug making the rev sounds on some cars not transition smoothly (including Mini Cooper and BMW M3 GTR)

-Fixed sound bug with the force calculation of picking the correct collision sound

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