Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Battlestations: Pacific Demo Incoming

Announced today via an announcement, is the official Battlestations: Pacific single-player demo. Premiering on April 30th, a mere 7 days away, on both the XBOX 360 and PC, featuring an intense sea and air mission from the US campaign (Divine Winds of Leyte) and two multiplayer modes (Island Capture and Siege) to play in the single-player Skirmish Mode.

There's also something down here at the bottom, about an exclusive Gamespot demo page, so not really sure if you'll only be able to download the demo from this page, but you should definitely check it out regardless.

As a reminder, Battlestations: Pacific is set to release on May 12th (pre-order here) in North America. And be sure to check out our youtube page for the latest videos.

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